Tiny Home Village


  • The Tiny Home Village opened to residents in February 2021 and is comprised of:
    • 30 stand-alone 120 sq. ft. furnished, heated, and cooled living units with individual porches of which five are wheelchair accessible.
    • Eight single-occupancy, well-lit and visible, lockable bathrooms.
    • Communal village house with high quality grade kitchen, dining and recreational spaces, full laundry facilities, library, computer pod, office for private meetings, and private individual lockers.
    • Fully fenced and gated site landscaped with trees, gardens, and open-air living areas.
  • The Tiny Home Village Garden sits on a ¼ acre in the center of the village. The garden currently provides vegetables for the community kitchen and can provide vegetables for the International District Farmers Market in the coming seasons. Villagers have expressed interest in growing pomegranates and other fruits for a cottage industry to provide economic support. There is a promising partnership with Tree New Mexico to provide shade and fruit trees in the coming seasons to support the need for more tranquil spaces and economic opportunities.
  • Funding for this project was provided by Presbyterian Community Fund through the Health Equity Council. The first phase of construction is complete and the Ag project is now working with UNM sustainable studies to co-create healing gardens of shade and pollination throughout the landscape of the village. This will allow the villagers to spend more private time outdoors to decompress and restore themselves as needed and in the warmer seasons. A recent meeting with UNM Sustainability Studies to bring in student support to the garden for workshops and weekly garden workdays.
  • There is an opportunity for Urban Ag Project partners to host gardening workshops at the village.


  • The new Tiny Home Village garden was built in April and May of 2021 for the Villagers. Village residents and community volunteers participated in the garden bed build out in April and May. Crops have been planted and maintained by Villagers. Villagers participated in a Monday community conversations on the garden and compost workshop given by the Urban Ag project in August.
  • Raised beds have been established in the garden space and irrigation has been installed.
  • Prickly pear cactus has been transplanted at the main gate for improved security.
  • A young fruit orchard has been planted in the main garden space with an apple tree and some grapevines along the southwest fence.
  • The residents have designed and built a dog park.


  • Future plans include expanding the vegetable & pollinator gardens in 2022, as well as establishing a fruit forest with additional fruiting trees, shrubs & vines.
  • Staff and residents are planning on creating several outdoor therapeutic spaces for relaxation, play and meditation.




Emily Diesckman

Village Operations Director