South San Pedro Alleyways


  • The South San Pedro Neighborhood Association held neighborhood meetings and door-to-door operations in the late 1990’s as part of the “Know Your Neighbors” campaign. The goal was to address the extensive dumping of trash, drug use and criminal activity that was/is occurring in the area especially in the alleyways. Additional work included alley clean-up days and creation of a walking map of the area. The idea of murals to improve the aesthetic look of the area and alleyways was also started at this time.
  • Since then, some residents have moved or passed on, so a re-engagement effort (door-to-door, etc.) is needed and recommended to educate neighbors on the Urban Ag Plan and the potential for alleyway improvements in the area.


  • Design priorities must focus on safety and eliminating opportunities for undesired activities in the alleys. Lighting the dark spaces in the alleys (alcoves and hiding spaces) could be a deterrent for unwanted loitering and dumping.


  • Improvements should be carried out across the entire alley for each block as it was expressed that individual improvements tended to draw more crime to that particular residence, but the idea that improving the entire alley would reduce the amount of undesired activity in the area.
  • The neighborhood did research to see if they could close off the alleys similar to other neighborhoods in the City (e.g. certain blocks in Barelas). Closing the alley/restricting access requires 100% consensus of the residents on a block. The neighborhood association and IDHCC were unable to get 100% consensus and move forward with that effort.
  • Any improvements will need oversight (block captains) to build and maintain neighborhood engagement and develop a sense of ownership of the alleys.
  • Native NM plants could be incorporated in the alleys as edible plantings that require minimal maintenance such as Prickly Pear Cactus (Nopales), Quelites (wild greens), Verdolagas (purslane), etc.