Loma Linda Community Center Garden


  • The Loma Linda Community Center (LLCC) currently has two community garden areas. One has raised beds and planters along the building and the other is across the parking lot to the south with in-ground beds and an adobe planter. The site was formerly a drive-in movie theater and there is concern about asphalt contaminants in the existing soil. Soil testing is recommended prior to allowing individuals to eat any produce grown in the existing site soil.
  • The Loma Linda Community Center garden has a lot of buy-in from the local neighborhood associations.
  • The existing raised beds at LLCC were built by the woodworking class at CNM. The Center could potentially partner with CNM to build more raised beds in the future.
  • Community Center youth participate in the garden in groups of 10 with instructors.


  • The City does not typically apply for grant funding due to time required and lack of trained personnel. A multi-pronged approach between the City, State and elected officials would be most appropriate.
  • Actual donations of items are better than monetary donations for the City. City Councilors can use their discretionary funds to contract with non-profits and there is also one-time special project funding that may be available. The Miracle Grow Co. can fund equipment and supplies.


  • The site experiences periodic vandalism, so access control is needed to minimize the damage.