Ilsa and Rey Garduño Agroecology Center


  • The Agroecology Center is managed by Project Feed the Hood (PFH) and is leased from the City of Albuquerque Aviation Dept. PFH is a food literacy and community gardening initiative of the Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP). PFH’s work focuses on improving community health through education and traditional growing practices.
  • The garden was operated in the past by Dr. Hilliard and was ran as part of Project Share.
  • The site has access to water and labor, but has no electrical power.


  • The State’s anti-donation clause prohibits selling of produce at the site. Bernalillo County has a leasing model for calculating how service value meets or exceeds the lease value which may allow the operator of the land to sell produce if the site can be re-zoned. PFH & SWOP are currently in discussions with the City Aviation Dept. about re-zoning the site and acquiring adjacent parcels to expand the garden.
  • There is existing local veteran participation and history at the site. Consideration should be given to collaborating with other veterans’ groups such as the Warrior Farmer Project or Veteran’s Farmers Project.


  • PFH is working with Food is Free (FIF), a local non-profit, to improve the site and incorporate permaculture and food forest concepts into the site.
  • Setting clear expectations and open communication will be key for future partnerships in all of
    the plan projects.