Design for the Common Good 2022 Exhibition

Groundwork Studio & Bernalillo County are excited to announce the International District Urban Agriculture Plan project was selected to be a part of the Design for the Common Good International Exhibition 2022 to be held in Denver next year!

Project submissions from the Rocky Mountain West and five international organizational networks (comprising the Design for the Common Good Network) included an array of projects from around the globe. With this work, Design for the Common Good makes connections between local and global issues being addressed through the practices of public interest design. The review and selection process was highly competitive!

Projects were evaluated according to the following considerations: 

  • Cause: the social, economic, and/or environmental basis for the project originates from within the community; 
  • Method: inclusive participatory design research practices respond to the unique context of people and place;
  • Impact: the project reveals evidence (incremental or otherwise) of creating identified and positive change in the lives of the community it operates within;
  • Scholarship: new learning, knowledge sharing, and processes for enhancing the effectiveness of public interest design are documented and transferrable. 
  • Projects that demonstrated ongoing development, community engagement, and/or post-occupancy outputs were especially desirable.

As part of our submission for the ID Urban Ag Plan we created a short post-occupancy video highlighting the ID Urban Ag project. The video focuses specifically on the planning process used in the plan. Project partners were asked the following questions for the interviews:

  1. What about the planning process has proven to be useful (for your site)?
  2. What have you accomplished as a result of the planning process (construction, labor, funding, etc.)?
  3. What could have been done differently?
  4. How would you like to see the group and planning process move forward?

We hope you enjoy the video and share it with others! Thank you for watching!

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