Van Buren Middle School Community Garden


  • The project has the support of the current principal. In a recent meeting between school staff, the APS garden specialist and APS Capital Outlay Committee, the Capital Outlay Committee showed that a new building facility is planned for the site as part of the APS Capital Master Plan.
  • General obligation bonds were passed in the November 2019 election which will provide funding for development of the facilities. The ‘Falcon Farm’ project will have to be re-envisioned if the school wants to continue moving forward with the concept.
  • APS Maintenance and Operations has provided access to potable water on-site.


  • The APS Garden Specialist is meeting with members of the APS board in December 2019 to discuss the potential of providing the position with a budget for APS garden projects, such as an APS Garden Conference as well as physical garden project support.
  • APS could benefit from increased social media partnering (youtube, etc.) and recognition of donations through the APS Education Foundation.


  • Schools adjacent to parks and open space could provide opportunities to partner with the City, however this has been difficult in the past as there are many barriers and few overlaps in this issue.
  • APS does not have capacity for Maintenance and Operations to maintain school gardens and the responsibility for maintianing these facilities must be handled by each school’s garden manager.


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